HIS SIGWORK, Principle 9 of 10 - Rhema Revelation


Rhema Revelation
The Living Word of God
Principle 9 of 10 Principles of Responsible Scripture Interpretation from HIS SIGWORK
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The written Word of God (logos) becomes the living Word of God (rhema - pronounced ray’-mah) when God highlights His Word in our spirit in a personal way. Is there something that jumps off the page to you and stays with you throughout the days and weeks? God is speaking to you personally in His Word!

How to receive a Rhema Revelation:

  • Read
    Take time to sit quietly in God’s Word, the Bible.
    Please see my paper called HIS SIGWORK – Principle No. 7 of 10 for a suggestion for consistent Bible reading and “Seeing the Beauty of the Whole for Yourself.”

  • Rest and let the rhema come
    The riches of Scripture cannot be mastered; they are inexhaustible. So, we can rest and enjoy His company as we dive deeply into its waters to discover a coral reef exploding with life and beauty! Psalm 37:7 says, “Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him.” Little by little, read His Word and wait on Him to speak. Remember, it’s all about our relationship with the Lord. He invites us into an intimate relationship with Himself through His Word and the Holy Spirit. So, rest and let the rhema come.

  • Record the rhema
    Take time to write out how God is speaking to you. This will reinforced His rhema in your heart.

  • Receive the rhema
    Open your heart to receive what God might be speaking.

  • Ruminate on the rhema
    Mediate on it. Take quiet time to go over the rhema in your mind.

  • Realize the rhema
    Act on it. Is there a message from the rhema to make a part of your life?

  • Relay the rhema
    Share it with a friend!

For your study group:  Read a passage or chapter from Scripture together. The next week, come back together to share your experiences in carrying out the actions above!

To see the HIS SIGWORK Overview, please click here.

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